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At Kevsam Solutions, our expertise also delves into the creation and implementation of mobile-friendly, highly responsive, and easy to use websites with trendy aesthetics.
We also keep up with the latest trends in the Web to ensure that every site and/or blog we create meets and even exceeds our client’s expectations while also keeping up or superseding the standards in the industry.

Ecommerce Web Design and Development

We believe that a great website is the true foundation of any e-commerce business. Let us help you build the most solid foundation that will ensure everyone who visits your website is excited to be there and reluctant to leave.
In this sector, our back and front-end developers will create beautiful websites. After all, we have the following capabilities:
– Custom Theme Development
– Fast Drupal Hosting
– Ongoing Support
– Personalized Training Videos
– Project Management
– Responsive Design Expertise
– WCAG AA Accessibility
– Website Strategy
– WordPress Hosting
– WordPress Maintenance
Under this package, we provide other services – either as a suite or as standalone service offerings:

i) Website Performance
We can help check the speeds of your website we deal with. This is because we know that mobile-friendliness and site speed go hand in hand – particularly with regards to the latest ranking algorithms from Google.

ii) Page Load
The rate at which your web pages load is determined by a variety of factors. These include the themes you pick, the plugins added, and the images (and other multimedia tools) on the pages. We can help you optimize your website to ensure that your pages load faster.
In particularly, we can inform you – free of charge – that you need more than just a responsive website. Today, more people are looking for the products/services you sell on their phones. This means that you have to ensure that they can view your web pages, and that these pages will not take too long to load.
At the end of the day, the speed at which your pages load will have a direct impact on how much you sell and your bottom line. At Kevsam Digital Marketing Solutions, we can help you optimize these page load speeds and deliver the fast web experience your customers have invariably come to expect.

iii) Accessibility
Today, people can use all manner of devices to log onto the net and access your website. Therefore, you have to ensure that your website is highly accessible to everyone who looks for the products/services you sell.
We have a wide variety of custom-themed websites that you can count on to improve your accessibility. Come to us and we will ensure that yours is one of the best websites on the internet for your chosen industry.

iv) WordPress Vs Drupal 8
The question of the content management platform to use should only be answered after you have understood the different benefits of each platform – and which will work best for you in the long run.
At Kevsam, we believe that both Drupal 8 and WordPress are great choices. However, we can help you choose the best platform based on your needs and requirements after our initial web consultation meeting.
Our in-house developers also have the skills, knowledge, and experience you are looking for. Therefore, you can rely on us to build you the custom-themed website you need on either or both of these platforms.

v) Search Ranking Factors
Apart from the above, we also provide search engine optimization and content creation services that meet Google’s search ranking factors. These are designed to help your website appear on the first page of Google – which is essential if you are to keep attracting more customers through our web presence.